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Authorities Continue To Piece Together Fugitive's Life In Florida

Posted August 7, 2002 4:41 a.m. EDT

— The wife of a slain Fayetteville Air Force captain arrested in Florida will learn Monday whether she will be extradited to North Carolina. In the meantime, police and U.S. marshals are piecing together her flight from justice.

U.S marshals arrested Michelle Theer in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Monday evening. She is accused of killing her husband, Air Force Capt. Marty Theer, in December 2000. Theer worked for Dr. Tom Harbin at a psychology office in Fayetteville.

"Marty was a fine individual and a fine Air Force officer and didn't do anything to justify what happened to him," he said.

The Florida Highway Patrol confirms she used the alias, Alexandra Solomon, to obtain a driver's license with a false Miami address. They are now investigating what kind of ID she used to get the license and whether she stole someone's identity.

According to U.S. marshals, Theer also used the name Lexi Solomon and Liza Pendragon.

U.S. marshals believe she financed her run from the law by maxing out credit cards, charging at least $28,000 before disappearing. They are now trying to determine if she used credit cards under the false names.

Authorities also said they do not believe she had any idea they were hot on her tracks. They found books about how to hide in America and tour books on Mexico in her apartment.

Her new boyfriend thought she was trying to hide from an abusive ex-boyfriend and told authorities her plastic surgery -- laser resurfacing -- on Monday was the second time she had her face worked on.

Plastic surgeon John Briggs said that kind of surgery, which costs $4,000, would not make her unrecognizable.

"It would change her complexion and make it look different, but to change her contour, it would not happen," he said.

U.S. marshals believe the new boyfriend, who said he had no idea Theer was wanted for murder. He works in sales for a cruiseline in Florida and they do not plan to file charges against him.

Marshals say they are still looking into whether any of Theer's family members helped her hide.