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Sharpsburg Residents Welcome Stranded Amtrak Travelers

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NASH COUNTY, N.C. — Hundreds of train passengers are at their final destinations after an unexpected layover in Sharpsburg Sunday.

Passengers on Amtrak train 79 broke down Sunday afternoon, leaving 212 passengers stuck in a town many had never heard of before.

Some passengers said with no air conditioning on board, things got hot and unpleasant; however, the people of Sharpsburg quickly came to their rescue.

Firefighters, paramedics and church members took the passengers to a firehouse, providing food and shelter.

"From the moment we first broke down there were people on-site within half an hour, wanting to know what they could do, whether it was medical attention, to just bring water, to trying to organize a place for all of us to gather so we weren't stranded on the railroad tracks," said a passenger.

"They were really supportive," another passenger said. "They came out and picked us up in vans and jeeps, whatever they had, and brought us to the firehouse and gave us cookies and lemonade. We went to Hardee's. We had a good time."

Repairmen got the train running in about five hours.


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