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Raleigh Residents Receive Pamphlets With Hate Messages

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Some North Raleigh residents came home Tuesday to find more than the newspaper in their driveways.

Residents in two neighborhoods off Lynn Road said they were shocked to find packets of racist literature from an organization called The Creativity Movement.

The 31-page packet called "Facts the Government and Media Don't Want You to Know" showed up in homeowners' driveways wrapped in an orange plastic bag.

Its cover uses the crumbling World Trade Center as a backdrop. Inside, the Rev. Matt Hale, a director of The Creativity Movement, explained his group wants to organize white people to fight for their civil rights, liberties and self determination.

The group also gives its take on the cost of Muslim immigration, racial differences and what it calls Jewish media domination.

The pamphlet offended a number of people, including SaraLynn Parker, a North Carolina State University student, who leads discussions of diversity issues on campus.

"It just can't be tolerated with what our country is going through right now. It's an embarassment to our community, it's an embarrassment to everyone in this neighborhood. It's inexcusable, it really is," Parker said.

At least one person has complained to the Raleigh Police Department about the literature.

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