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Questions Remain Unanswered In Death Of Cary Teacher

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CARY, N.C. — Authorities in Cary say they are awaiting an autopsy report to determine how a local teacher died.

Officials said Heather Domenie, 33, was found by her fiance Thursday night at their home at 206 North Becket Street.

According to the search warrant, Ian Campbell found Domenie unconscious and partially clothed after he returned from the grocery store.

Here is a partial conversation between Campbell and the 911 dispatcher:


"I'm right beside her. Oh my God, she's choked herself."

911 Dispatcher:

"What's she choking on?"


"She had a tea towel around her neck because she was sick today."

The warrant shows police confiscated a number of items from the home including a vacuum cleaner bag, a bath robe belt, two towels, a nylon necklace, a martial arts book and an ATM receipt.

The report states an examiner at WakeMed noticed marks on Domenie's neck, hemorrhaging around her eyes and fingernail marks on her chest.

Police are awaiting an autopsy report from the medical examiner in Chapel Hill. So far, the case has not been ruled a homicide.

Neighbors and friends said they want to know how the first-grade teacher at Fred A. Olds Elementary School died.

Investigators, who have been in and out of the home since Thursday night, have shared few details about their investigation.

"I went and asked if, as a homeowner, there was anything to be worried about. They said 'We can't tell you anything except the lady of the house is deceased,'" said neighbor David Stallings.

Domenie moved to Cary from Canada last year.Neighbors said the couple moved to their west Cary home in October.


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