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State Showing Businesses How To Conserve Water

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RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina residents have been told to cut back on their water usage at home. The state is now paying visits to businesses to explain how they can help conserve water.

It takes 250 employees to run the Angus Barn restaurant in Raleigh. It also takes thousands of gallons of water.

"It has run as high as 23,000 gallons on a daily basis. We have brought that down to 15,000," said Gregory Aardal, who does maintenance for the Angus Barn.

Rusty Harris-Bishop, an engineer with the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources, is taking notes. He is showing how business can turn a profit and still save thousands of gallons of water.

Most restaurants hose down their floors at the end of the night. Harris-Bishop said mopping the floors like they do at the Angus Barn cuts down on water usage and gets the job done.

"It's a lot of water coming out. There's high pressure," Harris-Bishop said.

Harris-Bishop said another water-saving tip is to soak pots and pans instead of spraying them with hot water. Harris-Bishop said the information he gathers will be distributed to other companies in town.

The visits by the state to explain how to conserve water are a free service. Those who own a business and would like to know about saving water can go the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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