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Rain Barrels Providing Relief To Drought Sufferers

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The drought may have lawns drying up, but there is one way to save those shrubs and trees.

Many people are hooking rain barrels to their down spouts and collecting rainfall to water their plants.

Experts say to cut gutters and make sure the rain barrels are sitting on a solid foundation. Screens on the rain barrels keep out bugs and prevent mosquito production.

Cheryl Sweeney said the rain barrels are the lifeblood of her back yard.

"I use it for the vegetable garden, I carry buckets to the bigger shrubs I planted in the spring, and I use it for my planters," she said.

There is even a hook-up for hoses. Several garden centers in the Triangle carry the barrels. The barrels cost anywhere from $75 to $100.


Julia Lewis, Reporter
Don Ingle, Photographer
Kamal Wallace, Web Editor

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