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Police, Neighbors Want Answers In Stephanie Bennett Murder

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Two months after someone sexually assaulted and strangled Stephanie Bennett at the Bridgeport Apartments along Lake Lynn, residents remain uneasy and police say they want to find her killer.

"You know they put pins in our windows," resident Adrienne Caldwell said. "They hired another security officer, but I'd like to have a little more closure."

Raleigh Police remain on the trail of the man who killed the 23-year-old woman. Lt. Chris Morgan of the Raleigh Police Department said his detectives make progress every day, but they said they have not found the big lead that could blow the case wide open.

"It's very likely that there's still someone out there that knows something that's critical to this investigation," he said.

Even without a named suspect or motive, residents at the complex give officers high marks.

"It's definitely frustrating, more frustrating that we don't know if it's somebody she knew or if it's a random act of violence, but I have confidence they're doing the best they can," resident Jessica Dunn said.

"We see 'em out here every once in a while, I'm sure they're doing the best they can, not much else they can do, just follow the leads they get," Caldwell said.

"The person out there who knows that he's responsible for this, he has got to know that we're never going to quit," Morgan said.

Morgan adds his team has received many tips from two items; a composite of a man police believe was peeping into apartments at Bennett's complex prior to the murder and a display of a JVC stereo stolen from her apartment by the attacker.


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