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Some Orange County Businesses Cannot Open Due To Drought

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The water restrictions the state is dealing with can be an inconvenience, but the drought forced a couple of businesses in Orange County to shut down.

Mitch Rose is working on the construction site of his new car wash in Hillsborough. He said he knew the town often faces water problems, and he planned for that.

"We went with a water recycling system that uses about 70 percent recycled water in certain stages of the wash," Rose said.

However, even with that kind of system, the business still would not pass the town's water restrictions. The town took action to save water at midnight Wednesday.

"We're under a Stage 4 mandatory water restrictions. There is no car washing allowed, no watering of lawns, only very limited of gardens and ornamental shrubs," utilities director Kenneth Keel said.

If the showers do not come soon, officials said they may be forced to enter Stage 5 or 6, which brings with them stricter conditions. Meanwhile, Rose said he will continue to work at his construction site, praying for rain.

"It's hard to put a shine when you can't wash, so hopefully, we'll have a lot of rain clouds for everybody's sake, including our own," he said.

Without substantial rain, town officials said they could enter Stage 5 in less than a month.