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Fremont Looks To Rebound After Crew Accidentally Hits Water Pipe

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FREMONT, N.C. — Eighty different towns and communities are asking people to cut back on water use from our lawns to our bathrooms. The message is every drop counts, which is especially true in one Wayne County town, where a contractor cut a water line, spilling 150,000 gallons.

Almost all of Fremont's water supply leaked out of the hole in a water line. It happened a couple of days ago when a soil testing crew from South Carolina accidentally drilled into the town's water pipe.

Neighbors claimed the water actually flooded several yards in the area. Town officials said that 150,000 gallons were lost in two hours.

The good news is that the town's tank is almost full again, but it has been a nervous couple of days for firefighters.

"You never know when you're going to have a big fire in hot weather," assistant fire chief W.T. Smith said.

Floyd Fleming was installing carpet in the Great Morning Star Church and drinking plenty of water. So far, he said there is plenty of water pressure to go around.

"For about an hour yesterday morning, it was weak, but other than that, it was good," he said.

Town officials said they are past the danger zone now. The tank should be full by Friday afternoon.

Residents in that area are not under mandatory restrictions. The company that hit the pipe has agreed to pay for the lost water.