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Program Encourages Entire Family To Be Active

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RALEIGH, N.C. — We keep hearing that Americans are overweight and do not get enough exercise. Changing bad habits is the momentum behind a new statewide program called

Be Active North Carolina


The campaign is aimed to get North Carolinians motivated and moving, so why not get the entire family involved?

Exercise is a family affair for the Britt and Patty Carter, their kids and their dog.

"We usually get out together on a Sunday afternoon or after work," Patty Carter said.

The Carters try to find activities to do as a family.

Patty Carter feels her kids get plenty of exercise, but many children who are not as active as they could be.

"Fifty percent of children aren't getting enough activity, and then it jumps up to 60 percent of adults," said Laura Aiken of WakeMed.

Aiken said summer is the perfect time for families to exercise together.

Biking, walking or any outdoor activity can be considered exercise. On very hot days, the pool is an ideal destination as long as the adults take part in the fun.

"If parents would get in and play the games just like the children do, then they're getting their activity and exercise, as well. It can be a lot more fun," Aiken said.

When it is too hot to be outside, there are plenty of things to do indoors.

"In the summer, it would be wonderful to maybe go ice skating as a family, roller skating. Choose an indoor activity that can be exercise as well," Aiken said.

Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise at least five times a week for adults and children.

The Carter's feel it is worth the extra effort to exercise together. Mom and dad want to stay in shape and prevent health problems. They also hope to set agood example for their kids.

"I think if you make your choices now, it's probably easier later," dad Britt Carter said.


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