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Orange County Vet, Birds Flying Coop

Posted July 18, 2002 10:08 a.m. EDT

— Orange County does not have a center to take care of wild or endangered birds like eagles or woodpeckers. A contract dispute ends with both the veterinarian and the birds flying the coop.

The nonprofit Orange County Animal Protection Society said it offered Dr. Bobby Schopler a new contract, along with a pay raise. Schopler has a federal license to work on migratory birds like eagles and robins, something very few veterinarians have.

Schopler said the issue is not about pay, but he claimed a new management team that has been in place since February does not want to give him the resources to take care of these birds.

"I think it's a difference of management and how we view wildlife," he said. "We've seen such a wide variety of animals come through here. It's been a real honor to be able to work with these animals."

The closest center to treat injured, migatory birds is now in Charlotte.