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Pickpockets Target Employees At RTP Business

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Two female pickpockets are targeting women in and around the Research Triangle Park.

Officials say two women took credit cards from at least 11 people at Research Triangle Institute in Research Triangle Park. Detectives think the women may have used a blood drive as their cover. When employees were standing outside in line for the bloodmobile, the pair slipped inside the building.

"They found empty desks with pocketbooks still sitting there," said Capt. Bill Wrenn of the Durham County Sheriff's Office.

The women allegedly just took credit cards. They did not take any cash. Once the women got the cards, detectives think they just headed west on Interstate 40.

"They've been as far away as Charlotte and been as far as Winston-Salem that we know about so far," Wrenn said.

Authorities said they used the cards for gas, food, expensive jewelry and clothes.

"They've gotten away with it so far, they'll continue to take stuff as long as they can," Wrenn said.

Investigators say you should not take anything for granted. They caution that if you are getting up from your desk, you should take your purse with you or lock it up where you know no one can get to it.

Anyone with any information on this case is asked to contact the Durham County Sheriff's Office at

(919) 560-0897