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Raeford Race Fan Gets Runaround Over TV Repairs

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RAEFORD, N.C. — It takes time to get electronic equipment repaired, especially if parts need to be ordered. You also expect the repairs will eventually be made.

When a racing fan's big screen TV was stuck in pit row, she called Five On Your Side to get things back on track.

Kelly Davidson's love of racing is the main reason she and her husband just had to have a 50-inch television.

"Me and my husband are very big into the races. We thought it looked better than on a little bitty small TV," she said.

The Davidsons bought the set four years ago, but after 1.5 years, it broke. The warranty company told the couple to get it repaired at TV Service Center in Fayetteville. It took six months, and when the Davidsons got their television back, it was not fixed.

"We were sitting there watching, and about an hour later, it goes black. It wouldn't turn off, there was no sound, no picture, nothing," Davidson said.

The Davidsons took the set back to TV Service Center. When they got it back months later and turned it on, it stopped working again. Davidson said whole scenario played out a third time.

"We were going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it just kept on and on and on," Davidson said. That is when she called Five on Your Side and we called TV Service Center.

Owner Fred Zandeodus appeared confused by the dates on his own invoices. He could not tell Five On Your Side how long he had the Davidsons' set, but blames the problem on a module, saying several replacements he received did not work.

"But what can I do when I can't get a working part ma'am? I mean, you tell me," Zandeodus said.

Zandeodus' own invoices show he sometimes did not even order the part for months after he got the Davidsons' TV.

After Five On Your Side called Zenith, the company immediately sent a working module. Then Zandeodus noticed another problem. Zenith ultimately decided to give the Davidsons a brand-new big screen, digital TV.

"It's wonderful. It's almost like you're there," Davidson said.

Davidson said at one point TV Service Center called to arrange to pick up her broken TV when they had already done so.

Zenith said if a customer has a problem with an authorized service center, the company wants to hear about it. That is good advice no matter what brand is involved, according to Five On Your Side.