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New Security Measures In Place For Wake County Schools

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Experts say last year, there were an average of 11 violent incidents per 1,000 students on school campuses nationwide. Wake County had less than half that number last year, and school security officials are hoping to keep that number down by implementing new policies.

"We've upped cameras in the schools. We had 16 cameras before, now most of the schools will have 32 cameras," said Corey Duber, security director of Wake County schools.

Local law enforcement agencies and schools have been instructed to follow an emergency crisis guide. In a crisis, worried parents might rush to pick up their kids, but experts say that may be a bad idea.

"Rushing to a school may not be in your best interest, and you may be met by law enforcement who will prevent you from doing that," said Brian McFeaters of Emergency Management.

McFeaters insists parents wait for instructions from police by watching TV or listening to the radio. Wake County schoolteachers can also count on having a fully stocked, fireproof and waterproof emergency kit in every classroom.

"Our emergency plan is in there, a roster of students with parent phone number and cells and medical information," McFeaters said.

The kits will contain crucial and accessible information that teachers can access during an evacuation. The emergency kits will also contain latex gloves, a snack for students who could go into diabetic shock and a paper bag for a hyperventilating child.

For the first time this school year, middle schools will have Wake County sheriff's deputies on campus.


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