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Plastic Strip Shields License Plates From Traffic Cameras

Posted July 15, 2002 10:52 a.m. EDT

— Too many people in Fayetteville tried to race through intersections before the traffic light turned red, so the city installed cameras to nab red light runners. The traffic cameras are coming soon to Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill. But, before some cameras are up, there is a way around them.

Motorists can put a plastic strip called "The Eliminator" on their license plate, and the plastic blocks your license plate numbers from traffic cameras.

Former City Councilman Mark Scruggs spearheaded Raleigh's traffic camera ordinance.

"What they need to recognize is that this is a company trying to make a profit on the backs of the public safety of our citizens, and it shouldn't be accepted. The attorney general should take a hard look at it," he said.

Rep. Bob Hensley, D-Wake, tried to block red light camera legislation.

"I tried to tell folks that this law was easily skirted and that it was only being used to raise money," Hensley said. "It's just a hidden tax on the populous. It doesn't have anything to do with safety although people think it does."

Hensley checked the law and said "The Eliminator" is not illegal in North Carolina.