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Edgecombe County Bans All Outdoor Watering

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EDGECOMBE COUNTY, N.C. — While most towns have watering restrictions, residents can still turn on the taps certain days of the week. That is not the case for some Edgecombe County residents.

Starting immediately, people hooked up to Edgecombe County's new water system are not allowed to irrigate at all. Their water comes from Rocky Mount, which has its own restrictions right now.

"We need to conserve as many of our resources as we possibly can. One way of doing it is not waiting until the water supply gets to the most critical level and trying to encourage our users to take action now," said Lorenzo Carmon, Edgecombe County manager.

The county said the rules will stay in effect until the Tar River rises again.

The rule only affects the Edgecombe County water system. People in Tarboro and Pinetops are exempt for now; Tarboro has voluntary restrictions in place.

Those who violate the ban could face a $100 fine.