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Granville County Town Bans All But Basic Water Use

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STOVALL, NC — Stovall resident Ernestine White says the town usually suffers during dry weather. But, she says, it has not been this parched since the town went drip dry 16 years ago.

Mayor Janet Parrott called an emergency town meeting Saturday when the town's main well stopped pumping. Since then, there was been no water use for anything but cooking, bathing and flushing.

The Stovall firefighters are raising money for equipment and a new station. What they really need is something to fight fires with. If they use the town's fire hydrants, they could end up depleting the drinking water. Instead, the pumper trucks have to draw water out of a small pond that is three feet lower than normal.

Tuesday night, Stovall leaders will ask to be hooked up to the town of Oxford's water system. The change would require six and a half miles of pipe and an average monthly cost of $18 per customer.