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Exploris Chairman Knew Of Museum President's Financial Arrangement

Posted July 2, 2002 5:04 a.m. EDT

— The board chairman for Raleigh's Exploris said he knew about the financial arrangement of the musuem's president.

Anne Bryan has an arrangement where she gets a salary from the state Department of Commerce, even though she leads the downtown museum. The position will allow her to earn the full 30-year state retirement benefits.

On Tuesday, Exploris board Chairman Gordon Smith told WRAL he suggested the designation, but he claims it is to help create a bond between the museum, the state and the global economy, not to get Bryan extra benefits.

"I'm not dumb, so I know it can happen. But to me, it was not a crucial issue," Smith said.

Smith also told WRAL that Exploris reimburses the state for all of Bryan's salary and retirement benefits.