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'Operation Slingshot' Aims To Slow Speeders On Raleigh Beltline

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh police caught many drivers off guard Friday morning during an undercover operation to crack down on speeders.

Officers used an abandoned truck, with a officer running radar inside of it, to catch speeders near the Glenwood Avenue exit.

The truck and spotter sat next to the median barrier on the outer beltline near Lake Boone Trail. The speed clocked by the radar gun was then relayed to the rest of the team, which was sitting on the ramp to the inner beltline.

Officers waiting at the next few exits handed out more than 50 tickets in just three hours.

One surprised and unhappy speeder, who was clocked at 80 miles per hour, angrily told officers he was the victim of entrapment.

"Sneaky is one thing, but entrapment? We're not making them speed. We're not setting different speed limit signs up or anything," said Officer C.R. Paul of the Raleigh Police Department.

Police said they want drivers to know what they are up to and think twice when they see an abandoned vehicle.

"There may be some doubt placed in their mind that they need to slow down and that's good. We need to slow down the speeders under any condition," said Sgt. B.K. Holt.

Officers said they ticketed a Raleigh City street sweeper truck that was doing 80 miles per hour

Some of the officers called this "Operation Slingshot" and it appearedthe slingshot was hitting its mark. They will try the operation again in a few weeks.


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