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Judge Denies Family Members' Request To Release Convicted Felon

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — A U.S. District Court judge denied a request from family members Wednesday to release a convicted felon, who is accused of allegedly having 200 rounds of ammunition and asking about Fort Bragg security.

Antonio's Olmeda's brother and sister told the judge they would take responsibility for their brother if he would release Olmeda until trial. They say their brother is not dangerous, but the judge disagreed and ordered Olmeda stay in jail until trial.

Olmeda was arrested by FBI agents last week when he was found at a bus station in Fayetteville with a bag full of ammunition. They were tipped off by a gas station worker who allegedly overheard Olmeda asking questions about security at Fort Bragg.

ATF agents described 200 rounds of the ammunition found in the bag as the kind used by snipers. A sniper book was also found in the bag as well as fireworks and fake identification.

Investigators later learned that Olmeda had a post office box in Vermont where he would have mail sent and then forwarded to him in New York. Agents said they discovered a pressure light switch at the mailbox which is used on the end of rifles to see at night during a combat situation.

Olmeda spent 4 years behind bars in the early 1990s after he was caught with a flame thrower, guns and pipe bombs.

If convicted, Olmeda faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


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