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Knightdale F.D. Gets Increase In Funding To Dismay Of Others

Posted June 17, 2002 6:29 a.m. EDT

— Fire departments in the Triangle area are not happy about a department getting additional money despite recently being audited.

The Knightdale Volunteer Fire Department was awarded an $354,000 increase from last year by Wake County officials. Other Wake County fire departments did not get nearly that much.

"Yes, we just felt like that [money] should have been equally divided among other departments in the county. It could have been done so in a fairer way and everybody would have been able to swallow it a little bit better," said fire chief Sidney Perry of the Zebulon Fire Department.

The department no longer gets money from the town of Knightdale, which is one reason the county is giving it more, even though an audit found the department had mishandled money in the past.

The department maintains the audit was unfair, and it still operates cheaper than most other fire departments in Wake County.