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Ministerial Group Asking Governor To Pardon Terence Garner

Posted June 18, 2002 12:09 p.m. EDT

— A group of ministers is asking Gov. Mike Easley to pardon Terence Garner now that he will not face another trial.

The organization, Coalition for Justice, is also asking that Garner be paid for the time he wrongfully spent behind bars. The 21-year-old is trying to start over financially.

"One of the things he needs even now is solid transportation, and really, in a real sense, we owe him," said the Rev. William Barber of the Coalition for Justice.

The ministers also expressed their sympathy to Alice Wise, the woman who was shot in the 1997 holdup. WRAL spoke with Wise Thursday afternoon, but she declined our request for an interview.

Garner is apparently keeping himself so busy in school that he skipped Thursday's news conference so he would not have to miss class.