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The Daily Drive: Raleigh Traffic Not So Bad

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RALEIGH — Having lived in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area and Atlanta, I'd have to say that Raleigh traffic isn't too hard to take. Let me hasten to add, ordinarily I don't drive any where near I-40 and RTP on my way to and from work. Frankly, when relocating to Raleigh, I deliberately settled in an area convenient to my work.

When I do have the misfortune to be caught in the RTP traffic, the congestion problems are plain to see. Here are the tricks I've used for years and that still work:

  • Leave early, stay late - you've probably got plenty of work to do anyway.
  • Become familiar with neighborhood "cut-throughs" and alternate routes. Better to move slowly than sit in traffic. Do not speed in residential areas!
  • Keep up-to-date, relevant city maps in the car within reach of the driver. More than once I've used a map to discover a way around road-work in an unfamiliar area of town.
  • Drive courteously, even if you are late. What goes around, comes around, and being polite will no doubt save you from at least one fender-bender.
  • If all is lost and you're stuck in traffic - take three deep breaths, put on some music, and start listing your blessings beginning with the fact that you
  • havea job and a car to sit in!

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