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Program Encourages Kids To 'Be Active' For Healthy Lifestyle

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A growing program in the state is designed to teach kids the importance of being active.

While Farrah Benson, a preschool teacher at the Learning Together School in Raleigh, keeps a food triangle in the background, she talks with her students about the importance of good food and nutrition. It is part of a statewide program called

Be Active Kids


"It really allows them to put concepts of good eating or good nutrition, as well as physical activity, into what they do every day and do it in a fun way," she said.

Benson said part of the fun is incorporating the program into what the kids do every day at school.

"We might do a movement one day and the next day, we might do a cooking activity while they're picking out their snack and making it with me," she said.

Be Active Kids is up and running in 86 counties across the state, but how do they measure its success?

"When their eating habits have broadened, some children come in and have very narrow things of what they'll eat and the "Be Active" kids also incorporates a theme of exploring and tasting new food," said Nell Barnes, director of the Learning Together school.

The program is supported by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina.


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