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Ponds Can Be Death Traps For Fish During Warm Weather Months

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The beautiful blue waters of a pond can add value to your home, but during dry periods of the year, that pond could become a death trap for fish. A natural process made worse by extra nutrients from yards and other sources cause light waves to reflect out of the water.

"You don't have any light getting into the deep water. You don't have any oxygen being produced in there and the majority of the volume of the pond could have no oxygen or very low oxygen," pond manager Johnnie Foster said.

Foster has built a business on maintaining small ponds. He sees fish kills in ponds every year, but they are often not this time of year.

"That's much more likely to happen during the fall when you have had the whole summer of stratification, but we have seen it this year because the winter and spring have been so warm," he said.

Also, many of our ponds today are created to control stormwater run-off and are even more at risk.

"Most of them rely on rainwater from building roofs, sidewalks and streets. Those can contain nutrients, those can contain pollutants and they can contain a lot of trash," Foster said.

Foster said there are a number of tools to help keep your pond healthy looking. He said adding a fountain is very important to keep oxygen levels safe in long, hot dry spells.


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