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Phones, Valuables Left In Cars An Invitation For Trouble

Posted June 5, 2002 1:47 a.m. EDT

— For many of us, cars have become our second home. We even have a lot of the comforts of home in them, like cell phones. However, the phones are very attractive to thieves.

Parking lots are like an open store for thieves. One glance inside a car and in plain sight, a cell phone is ripe for the taking. Police call those thefts crimes of opportunity.

"They may not have ever thought of committing any type of crime before, but as they're walking by, there it is sitting in front of them in plain view. It's just a gift and they take it," said Sgt. Hil Miller of the Raleigh Police Department.

Alicia Dunn said she tends to leave her phone out most of the time.

"I do think about it and I try to like keep clothes over it and keep it covered where you can't see it if you look in. I guess I left it uncovered today where you can see it," she said.

Some people try to hide their phones by sticking them beside the seat or even in the console, but Miller said the power cord is a dead giveaway.

"It's just so easy for them," he said. "They don't have to work hard to steal, because it's just laying out there for them. They're almost arrogant to the fact that well, they left it there so we're going to take it."

Miller said the best way to prevent a car break-in is to make sure cell phones and other valuables are completely out of sight.