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Canes Fans Still Seething Over Playoff Ticket Distribution

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The storm surrounding the Carolina Hurricanes' first trip to the Stanley Cup continues to center around ticket sales. The finals sold out in just 30 minutes and hundreds of fans left the Entertainment and Sports Arena empty-handed and frustrated.

John Wagner is a diehard Carolina Hurricanes' fan, but chances are he will not be going to the Stanley Cup finals.

"I've gone to about 25 or 30 games this year. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon here," he said.

Like hundreds of other fans, Wagner stood in line at the Entertainment and Sports Arena Wednesday morning to try and get tickets. He did not succeed.

"I guess the thing that ticked me off was the misinformation. There was a guy with a bullhorn out there saying tickets were on sale at the box office at 8 a.m. and sales were going online at 9 a.m," Wagner said. "We found out standing in line with cell phones that people at home already brought tickets."

"You have a very limited situation. We obviously wish we had a 20,000-seat arena because we could probably sell 20,000 more tickets," said Ken Lerner of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Many tickets ended up in the hands of brokers who are selling them online at places like e-Bay for prices as high as $1,000.

"A couple hundred bucks for a Stanley Cup game probably be about it. Much beyond that, it's not worth it," Wagner said.

Wagner said he will still scout around for tickets and may even try to pick some up in the parking lot on game day, but he will not pay what they are asking on e-Bay.