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Construction Company's Mistake Creates Traffic Tie-Ups In Knightdale

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KNIGHTDALE, N.C. — How many times have you sat in a traffic jam with no idea why? Imagine how angry you would be if you found out you were stuck because a construction crew did not follow the rules of the road. That is exactly what happened on Highway 64 Monday in Knightdale.

The construction signs are still up on Highway 64 near Planter's Walk, but this will now be a different construction project.

The state Department of Transporation said TWG Construction kept one lane of eastbound Highway 64 closed well past 5 p.m., causing major traffic tie-ups Monday. TWG's construction contract orders them to end lane closures by 4 p.m.

Brandon Jones, DOT district engineer, said that TWG violated the contract. The state said the contractor can no longer close lanes during the day, and they will have to do all their lane closing work at night.

Crews were trying to build a turn lane and an entrance off Highway 64 for a new shopping center. WRAL was unable to talk to TWG officials.

Workers tried to explain what caused the traffic tie-ups.

"The highway is always backed up to begin with, and we got to do the construction," the worker said. "We got everything up. We got all the traffic control up, all the signs up. We got everything just right and then we had a problem with something breaking down yesterday, and when it broke down, it just put us behind and we tried to finish it, and it just run over time."

DOT officials said if TWG breaks the rules again, they can revoke the company's construction permit.

At around 5:30 p.m. Monday, the traffic back-up stretched about 6 miles. The contractor said the DOT restrictions will cost him money and time.


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