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Raleigh Couple Faces Child Abuse Charges

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh couple faces child abuse charges for leaving four small children home alone. One of the kids was just eight months old.

Police arrested Cory and Dawn Daniels over the weekend. Officers believe they left the children alone for hours.

Last Friday, Ed Edgerton, who lives in the apartment complex where the children lived, called police. He said the 8-month-old and the three remaining children ages 6, 4, 3 were left to fend for themselves.

"I told Mr. Daniels that I was the one that called Child Protective Services, and I didn't mean any harm, but I felt it was incumbent upon me to do so," he said.

The woman who answered the door at the couple's unit said this is a big misunderstanding.

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