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Raleigh Neighborhood In Trouble For Putting Up Traffic Signs

Posted May 20, 2002 10:07 a.m. EDT

— A North Raleigh neighborhood has found a way to slow down speeders.

Residents are putting up speed limit signs in their front yards, but people who live on Westbrook Drive in North Raleigh got warning letters from the city. State law says you cannot put up anything that resembles traffic signs.

Neighbors went to City Hll to fight to keep their signs because they claim drivers are slowing down because of them.

"This is a very good, inexpensive, nonintrusive, mild if you will, traffic-calming measure, and perhaps other neighborhoods should put them up as well," Raleigh resident Sharon Reinders said.

The city said the signs can stay for now, but they could order them down again at any time.