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Super Hero-Themed Movies Leading Comic Book Resurgence

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Most people probably read comic books as kids. Thanks to recent movies, they are starting to make a big comeback.

Sales are up at Raleigh's Capitol Comics, thanks to the release of "Spider-Man" and "Star Wars: Episode II."

"I would say probably 15 percent to 20 percent. It has been that much," owner Ken Pleasant said.

Pleasant said collectors have been coming in recently to buy classic comics for an investment.

"We sold the first appearance of "Spider-Man" probably about a month and a half ago for around $1,750," he said.

Other "Spider-Man" comics can go as high as $3,000.

Dan Hacker has been collecting comics since he was a kid. He buys the classics, like "Spider-Man" and "X-Men." He said everyone has their own reason for getting hooked on comics.

"For some people, it's the story. For some people, it's the inspiration. Some just like the writing or the art. Everybody has got their own reasons," Hacker said.

Pleasant said most customers have been adults, but he said he has had some new readers come through since "Spider-Man" hit the big screen.

"Mostly smaller kids that have never been exposed to "Spider-Man" before. They saw the movie and their moms are looking for ways for them to read -- a different venue for them to make reading fun," Pleasant said.