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Trucking Company Accepts Responsibility In Newton Grove Tire Incident

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NEWTON GROVE, N.C. — A trucking company said it is accepting responsibility for an incident in which one of its trucks lost tires that barreled into a Newton Grove home Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Newton Grove police believe a truck was speeding, possibly going 55 in a 35-mph zone, when the extra wheels came off a trailer, barreling through a field and into a house, damaging a bedroom.

A Levette Trucking Company supervisor in North Wilkesboro heard about the story and knew that one of the company's trucks had lost two tires. Accepting responsibility, the company agreed to pay for all damages to the home.

Junior Thornton, who drives a truck himself, said he was surprised that someone did not step forward immediately.

"I feel betrayed that another truck driver would do such damage and keep going like it never happened," Johnnie said.

Connie said she was a happy ending to the situation.

"It's a wonderful birthday present," she said.

Officials with Levette Trucking said they do not know why the tires came off of the tractor-trailer. They said the driver did not know that the tires came off the tractor-trailer and that he tried to search for them later on.

Officials with the Division of Motor Vehicles may still decide to charge the truck driver with hit and run.


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