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Cary Police Say Speeding Crackdown Paying Off

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CARY, N.C. — Police in Cary have written nearly three times as many tickets in the first week of this year's traffic enforcement blitz.

Every uniformed Cary police officer is assigned to a major road or residential street to catch speeders as part of the six-week campaign called Operation Slow Down.

In the first week of the effort, police wrote 666 tickets. During the same period last year, Cary officers wrote 268 tickets.

Police said they are increasing traffic enforcement because of the steady increase in accidents over the past few years.

"We've already had 1,265 car crashes in Cary this year, and that amounts to millions of dollars in damage. The cost of insurance goes up for everyone," said Officer Bill Hauck.

Authorities acknowledge that writing more tickets does not always translate to fewer accidents.

In Raleigh, officers have written 40 percent fewer tickets than a year ago and accidents are down 10 percent.


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