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Misspelled Traffic Signs At Cary School Get Failing Grades

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CARY, N.C. — Parents dropping off their kids at West Cary Middle School did not like what they saw Tuesday morning. There were two misspelled construction signs right in front of the school.

As motorists approached Cary Middle School Tuesday morning, they came across a unique sign that read "Construcion 1500 hundred feet ahead." Five-hundred feet later, a sign read, "Constrution 1000 feet ahead."

The distances are correct, but the word, "construction," is misspelled twice, right in front of the middle school.

"I think it's awful that they can't spell the word construction correctly anywhere, particularly in front of a school. What kind of role modeling are we doing?" parent Jennifer Evans said.

"These people are adults and they don't know how to spell construction that I learned in like the third grade or something," said 11-year-old Anneka VanScoyoc.

Herbert Bailey of Bailey Contracting, the company that put up the signs, was unaware that the signs were misspelled. He called Protection Services Inc. of Garner, the company he said made the misspelled signs.

West Cary principal Bobby Allen said crews tore down the misspelled signs later Tuesday afternoon and put up signs with the correct spelling.


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