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Fort Bragg Soldier Charged With Child Exploitation

Posted April 30, 2002 11:55 a.m. EDT

— A Fort Bragg soldier has been charged with child exploitation and his computer confiscated for evidence.

Special Forces soldier Thomas Stanley, 31, has been charged with 20 counts of child exploitation. The charges come after Stanley's initial arrest in October on rape charges. At that time, investigators took his computers and after a thorough search, they discovered the child pornography.

"There were literally thousands of images on there. Some of them are exceptionally graphic. Some of them are password-protected and we are still investigating," said Det. David Bloomfield of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

Stanley was initially given an $100,000 bond for the rape charges in October. It was later changed to an unsecured bond and Stanley was released from jail. The bond on the new charges has not been set yet.