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Accused Stalker Pleads Not Guilty; Banned From Orange Co. Public Properties

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HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — A man accused of harassing a woman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last month appeared in court Monday morning.

Samuel Ferebee, 62, pleaded not guilty to charges of stalking and assaulting the female student on campus.

However, the case has been continued until June because the alleged victim failed to show up in court.Meanwhile, Ferebee has been banned from all Orange County property.

A sheriff's deputy read an order stating Ferebee will be subject to arrest for trespassing if he violates the order.

Ferebee's attorney said he plans to fight the order.

"We are going to vigorously defend these charges that have been filed against him and he hopes to continue to exercise his constitutional rights to take advantage of the intellectual and cultural experiences that are offered at the University of North Carolina and on other public properties that are also available to anyone who pays taxes and is a citizen and resident of North Carolina like Mr. Ferebee," said attorney Glenn Veitt.

Ferebee maintains that the charges are a misunderstanding.

"If anyone has a problem with my immediate presence, my conversation with them, or any action -- however unintended it may be -- that may cause anyone apprehension or discomfort, all they simply have to do is inform me of the problem they have and I will be more than glad to apologize to them and leave their immediate proximity," Ferebee said.

The order states that Ferebee must call ahead if he needs to go to the health department or social services.

Ferebee has a long history of inappropriate behavior toward women, including jail time in Craven County in 1999 for assaulting a teenager.

Ferbee has said that he is being unfairly singled out and is just a man who likes going to public events.

Beth Joyner said that Ferebee has been tormenting young women for years.

"When I see his picture on television, I can't tell you what this does to me because he's been out there for so long doing this same thing," she said.

Joyner, who lived in New Bern in the mid-1980s, met Ferebee at church.

"He was sitting next to me and my two teenage daughters. He made comments that I thought were inappropriate and he looked at them in a way that made me very uncomfortable," she said.

Joyner said at first, she shrugged it off, but became concerned when she started seeing Ferebee more often.

"I saw him at sporting events, wherever young girls would congregate. One of my daughters played basketball, one was a cheerleader. He was everywhere," she said.

In March, Ferebee was arrested for the incident at UNC.

"He approaches them, talks to them, tries to get then to come with him. In this last case in March, he put his hands on a lady's back and her shoulder, which was inappropriate," said Jeff McCracken, a UNC police investigator.

Joyner said she told Ferebee to stay away from her girls years ago. She warns that parents and teenage girls should do the same or more if they experience similar behavior.

"Go to anyone for whom they have respect and say, 'There's this man and I see him a lot of times, and he makes me feel uncomfortable,'" she said.

Police charged Ferebee with resisting arrest at Duke on April 22 after he was spotted on campus.

Ferebee, who has been banned from both campuses, was first banned from UNC in 1999.


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