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Cary Authorities Remove 68 Cats From Home; Owners Charged With Animal Cruelty

Posted April 25, 2002 1:07 a.m. EDT

— Cary authorities took 68 cats out of a house on Pamlico Drive Wednesday and charged the owners with animal cruelty.

Investigators said they received a call from a public utilities worker who had been doing work at the house. He said the conditions outside of the house were inhumane.

Cary police said the animals were everywhere, from beds to kitchen counters. They claimed the home was unsanitary and unfit for pets and people.

The owner of the house, Robert Milam, was taken to a hospital for a medical check-up. Cary police charged both of his daughters, Melissa and Christine Milam, with animal cruelty.

Neighbors said they were surprised to see the number of animals taken from the house.

"They were a very quiet family. There were never any indications to me that there were 68 cats inside there," neighbor Bob Hartshorn said.

The house was officially condemned Wednesday afternoon, meaning no one can live there until it is brought back to code.

The district attorney's office is looking to see if any more charges need to be filed in the case. The animals were taken to the Wake County animal shelter. They will be there until the case goes to court.