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Report: Cost Of Living Higher In Fayetteville Than Other Military Posts

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Fayetteville is known as a military town. Most cities outside military installations are, but how does Fayetteville and Cumberland County stack up compared to the rest? A new report has the answers.

Ann Lee, who is a military wife, grew up in a military family. She has lived all over the world and said she really likes Fort Bragg and the communities around post.

"The people are nice and really receptive to the military," she said.

Many families think Fayetteville and Cumberland County have a lot more to do than communities outside other military installations, but the new


Benchmark Report says Cumberland County does not fare as well in other areas.

It is the first time in seven years the report has done such a comparison. It found the cost of living as a whole is higher in Fayetteville than outside other Army posts.

The report also shows that consumables such as gas and groceries in the area are more expensive and as a result, more military families are heading to commissaries where items are not taxed.

MetroVisions chairman Ernest Johnson said Cumberland County needs the tax money.

"Military communities need to be competitive with their military neighbors, and I think that's what it opens up for us is to explore the whole area," Johnson said.

Johnson said it must be explored if the county's retail sales and quality of life are to improve.

The study also found that more than 40 percent of Cumberland residents are employed by either local, state or federal government. With the government being the largest employer, there is a huge loss in property taxes. City leaders say that is a clear indication the area needs to diversify.


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