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Pit Bulls Taken From Orange County Shelter; Dogs Owner's Whereabouts Unknown

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Two pit bulls, seized by authorities after two attacks in Chapel Hill, have been stolen from the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Police said the dogs, named Cisco and Roscoe, were taken during a break-in either Sunday night or Monday morning.

"We did install a new security system a couple of months ago, which had an extensive video camera system. This person managed to slip through and got in there and got the dogs," said Laura Walters of the Animal Protection Society.

Earlier Sunday, the dogs' owner, Ralph Logner, was charged with misdemeanors for letting the dogs run loose. Walters said she contacted Logner about the dogs being taken.

"He said that he is very upset and very concerned about where his dogs are," she said.

Police said the dogs attacked Kae Enright and her pug in the Kirkwood neighborhood on March 24. Detectives say the animals escaped from the owners home on April 15 and attacked another dog. Enright said she believes Logner may be responsible for their thefts.

"I thought he did. I'm not sure who else would take them," she said.

Logner's grandmother said she has not seen Logner in about a week. Logner's landlord said she plans to evict Logner when she finds him.

Logner is due to appear in court next month. He has been cited five times since March for the two escapes and one attack.

So far, no charges have been filed following the break-in.

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