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Cary Council Member Hopes To End Town's Watering Restrictions

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CARY, N.C. — The recent record-breaking temperatures have brought lawn sprinklers out of retirement, but their use in Cary continues to be regulated because of watering restrictions.

It is just April, but lawns are already thirsting for water. In Cary, they can only have a drink on certain days.

The town is still using

alternate day watering restrictions

, even though the water treatment facility has been expanded, more than doubling its production.

Town council member Harold Weinbrecht wants to see a change.

"When you overrestrict to try to achieve something, you're starting to encroach on freedoms," he said.

Weinbrecht wants to lift watering restrictions and focus on commercial water usage, which accounts for about half of the total usage.

"The freedom to water whenever you need to can be allowed and still be able to conserve using the four-tiered pricing system," he said.

Weinbrecht will make his proposal at Wednesday's council meeting. A recent town survey shows Cary residents are split 50-50 about lifting alternate day watering restrictions.

Two years ago, Cary banned sprinkler use.