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DOT Officials Hope To Straighten Out Beltline Confusion

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Dozens of drivers claim the Raleigh Beltline is confusing. State Department of Transportation officials want to straighten out confusion by having a standard directional system for all urban loops.

DOT officials are meeting next month, trying to find a better way to keep motorists "in the loop" about the Inner and Outer Beltline. Officials hope to come up with one uniform directional system for urban loops statewide.

"It's hard to get that message out again. The key is the people we're trying to get this message to are people that don't know where they're going," DOT engineer Jon Nance said. "It's not the folks that are familiar with the area. It's the folks that are passing through."

"I actually live in Chapel Hill and my husband and I were in town last weekend, and we were both saying that we had no clue where to go and which way took you to northern Raleigh and which took you to southern Raleigh," motorist Nancy Berson said.

The DOT has tried to inform motorists on the Beltline for years by using terms such as north, south, east and west. After years of complaints, they changed to the Inner and Outer Beltline in 1994.


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