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Wake County Schools Institute New Dress Code

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Wake County Schools Board of Education unanimously approved a new dress policy Tuesday night.

The policy bans middle and high school students from wearing clothes that are too revealing or distracting, including see-through fabrics, baggy pants, hats, strapless tops, bare midriffs and anything too tight or too short.

Principals will serve as the final judge on what clothing passes the policy.


new dress code policy

takes effect at the beginning of the 2002-2003 academic year.

Several other school systems have dress code requirements, including Johnston, Wayne and Person counties.

Under a state law that went into effect this year, dress code standards for students, teachers and school employees must be determined on a local basis.

Wake's code was requested by principals and teachers who say that what some students wear is disruptive or distracting.

Parents support the school board's attempt to further define what is deemed appropriate dress for school.

"Back when we went to school, the girls had to wear dresses and I'm sure they're more comfortable now without them," parent Jim Brenner said. "As long as the shorts aren't too short and distracting all the boys from their studies, I think it's good."

Brenner's daughter, Rebecca, said the new rules are easy on boys.

"I think it might be harder for girls to meet the dress code," she said.

Some students said the new dress code policy may not reflect what is considered popular these days.

"When you go out to stores and you look to buy what is 'in,' what is considered 'in' is not what's in with the school board," student Maia Holmes said.

Parents say that it is hard to buy the right clothes.

"Everything is so short these days, so I do think it's great. I would rather kids focus on schoolbooks as opposed to the clothes everyone is wearing," parent Gail Holmes said.

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