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Report: States Give Mishmash of Information About Disciplined Doctors

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WASHINGTON, DC — North Carolina is one of seven states that

provides a complete history

of sanctions against doctors, but aconsumer group says that kind of information is hard to find.

Public Citizen says state medical boards are providing amishmash of information to patients struggling to tell if they'vechosen a competent doctor.

The group ranked Web sites that provide information about astate's physicians. It says the Louisiana and North Dakota Websites are the worst for failing to provide anything more than namesof doctors who had been disciplined.

Worse, the group says Web sites for Montana and South Dakotadon't list any information about disciplinary actions.

The rankings come as the Federation for State Medical Boardsreport that regulators issued 4,662 disciplinary actionsagainst the nation's doctors last year, up from the previous year.

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