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Exercise Equipment Gives Students More Than Daily Workout

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A new exercise facility at a Raleigh school is doing more than just helping students get in shape.

Ricardo Munez is a student at Longview Alternative Middle and High School in Raleigh, a public school for students with behavioral and emotional problems. He said besides helping him get in better shape, a new exercise facility helps him deal with things at school.

"It just makes you a better person. You just feel good and when an argument appears, you don't feel like arguing because you already did your business in the weight room," he said.

Principal Karen Hamiliton said a lot of students feel the same and often ask to go to the fitness center when they are having problems maintaining self-control.

"If we let students come in and manage their own emotional outbursts by working it off on fitness equipment, then they're going right back to class and doing what we expect them to be doing in class and they've managed their behavioral outbursts," she said.

Longview partnered with WakeMed to get the grant money necessary for the equipment. The goal was to help build long-term fitness habits for students who probably don't have access to this type of equipment.

Munez said it has helped him transition to a healthier lifestyle.

"I've been eating better. I've been eating lots of fruits in the morning and vegetables -- stuff that I wouldn't eat when I was little," he said.

Studies show as students improve their overall physical condition, they become better students.


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