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Rural Nash County Road Becomes Landing Strip For Small Plane

Posted April 8, 2002 11:03 a.m. EDT

— A Durham pilot put his flight skills to the test Sunday afternoon.

Shaun Safford had to make an emergency landing on a dirt road in Nash County during his flight from New Bern to Durham.

Safford fueled the plane before takeoff, but the gas cap apparently was not put back correctly. After takeoff, the air pressure sucked the gas right out of the tank.

Safford made a quick decision to put the plane down on a rural road.

"The pilot landed, walked away and called RDU where we actually received the call from. He's fine, he landed the plane fine," said Sgt. Todd Wells of the Nash County Sheriff's Office.

Safford refueled the plane, made sure the cap was on tightly and took off a short time later.