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Portions Of Interstate 95 To Be Shut Down Until August

Posted April 5, 2002 4:15 a.m. EST

— Motorists who use Interstate 95 in Cumberland County for their daily commute may want to leave a little earlier than usual. Starting Monday, the state Department of Transportation will close one lane during the day, and will shut down portions of the interstate completely at night.

The first leg of the Fayetteville Bypass stretches only 8 miles, but it will be a long haul for I-95 drivers. Crews will demolish the old two-lane bridge and build a new four-lane section where Highway 13 passes over I-95.

A 6-mile detour will be clearly marked to help guide drivers at night, but the biggest hassles may be during the day. Last summer in Johnston County, motorists had to contend with a one-lane shutdown for bridge and pavement repairs for several miles north of the Fayetteville bypass.

"Sometimes, it's 30 to 40 minutes before I can get off of one exit," motorist Aleta Lee said.

Highway engineers fear that drivers in Cumberland County will be stuck with the same, huge traffic jams that drivers in Johnston County faced last summer. The lane closures will alternate between north and southbound lanes until August.

The result of the construction will be a four-lane road that will be the first leg of the Fayetteville Bypass from I-95 to Highway 401.

The contractor has permission to shut down the lanes until October, but the state Department of Transportation officials said the work should be finished by August.