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Harnett County Road Becomes Dumping Ground For Dead Animals

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DUNN, N.C. — A Harnett County man said that there is more than just litter on the side of Three Bridge Road.

Wayne Parrish has never caught a litterbug red-handed, but he has seen what they leave behind. On Easter Sunday, Parrish noticed a dead colt lying on the bank of the Black River. On the roadside, Parrish noticed a trash bag with the rotting remains of a calf.

The Harnett County Sheriff's Office is investigating the matter and has arranged with the Department of Transportation to remove and dispose of the carcass.

Parrish said that he has seen a lot of dead animals dumped in the same area.

"Over several years using this road, I've seen everything from poodles to cats and dogs. This is the first time I've ever seen a horse thrown out down here, though," he said.

State law requires dead, domesticated animals be buried at least 3 feet deep and 300 feet away from a flowing stream or public body of water.

Four days after he reported it, Parrish said the dead animals were still there.


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