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Hike In Gas Prices Affecting State Vehicles

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Most motorists are feeling the pinch at the gas pump, especially at the state level.

The state's gas is cheaper than what motorists pay at a normal pump because there are no state and federal taxes factored in. The state's rate is 85 cents a gallon, but that is still about a quarter more than it was three months ago.

Every time gas goes up five cents, the state has to pay an extra $250,000.

State cars are staying parked more, but officials said that is more due to the result of budget cuts than the gas prices. Even with the jump in gas, the state will spend more than $1 million less on fuel this year because the fleet is not on the street nearly as much.

The state is also changing the process of replacing their cars. The cars in the fleet used to be replaced after 90,000 miles, but now they will be replaced after 110,000.

The state has also bought 14 hybrid cars, which get about three times more miles to the gallon than the fleet's other cars.