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Is Your Home Secure Enough to Prevent A Break-In?

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DURHAM, N.C. — More than ever, people want to feel safe in their homes. However, some security measures are better than others.

According to crime prevention authorities, 20 percent of all intruders break into homes through windows. There is a lot people can do to protect their residences.

Durham police crime prevention Officer Eric Hester starts at the front door when assessing homes for safety.

He said a front door should have a peep hole and a strong lock.

"We notice that most doors have a thumb turn with a single cylinder deadbolt lock. What we recommend is a double cylinder deadbolt lock," he said.

Hester said that a door leading from the kitchen to the garage also needs a deadbolt lock just in case an intruder makes his way into the garage. He also said that since electric devices can deactivate electric door openers, homeowners might want to consider padlocks at the end of the garage door's slide lock.

Hester said that there are plenty of ways to reinforce windows, too.

"One is drilling a hole completely through the first sash and halfway through the second on both corners and inserting a double headed or cement nail where the head of the nail is flush with the sash," he explained.

On the outside, Hester said homeowners can use gardening to improve security.

"We recommend a type of rock mulch, so that if a person tries to come around the residence they can be heard," Hester said.

It is also important to make sure that authorities can find your home.Hester suggests making sure the address numbers on the house are big and clear and contrast with the color of the home.

Hester said homeowners should go around their home with a camcorder and get shots of all items, including serial numbers.

He said to put the tape in a safety deposit box. That way if property is stolen, the tape will be in a safe place and seeing the items will give police a better chance of recovering them.