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Fort Bragg Soldier Pleads Guilty To Rape, Sexual Assault

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Fort Bragg soldier Sgt. Michael Reed, who was charged with raping a young girl and the attempted sexual assault of an elderly woman, pleaded guilty Wednesday.

Reed waived his rights to a military trial and pleaded guilty to charges of attempted sodomy and attempted rape of a 75-year-old woman who lived on Fort Bragg. He also pleaded guilty to kidnapping and indecent acts with a child.

He then told a military judge exactly what he did.

In court, Reed told the judge that he kidnapped a child in August 2001.Reed admitted to taking the 8-year-old girl from her bus stop in west Fayetteville. He then went into graphic detail of how he molested her in a parking lot.

"I picked her up with two hands and placed her on the passenger side of my car," Reed said in court.

Reed admitted to the judge that his actions discredited the Army saying, "I am a soldier, Sir. I shouldn't have done that with a child."

The mother of the 8-year-old victim said in court that Reed "used the uniform and serivce I served for so long and destroyed people's lives on duty time."

Reed also told the military judge how a few weeks later, in September, he picked out a house at random on Fort Bragg. He described how he tried to rape and sodomize the 75-year-old woman who lived there.

"I saw a knife on the dresser. I picked up the knife and T-shirt on the floor and cut holes in the T-shirt to make a mask," Reed said in the courtroom.

He said that he was stopped when the woman's grandson came home and confronted him.

Authorities said Reed's DNA matched evidence in both cases.

Reed was also accused of attempted kidnapping for trying to take a young girl from a Spring Lake shopping center. He wanted to plead not guilty to that, however, the prosecution wanted to try that case. The judge later found Reed guilty of the charge.

Reed, as well as his parents, broke down several times in the courtroom.The families of both victims were also in attendance.

Reed is married with three children.

Prosecutors are asking that Sgt. Michael Reed be reduced in rank and receive a dishonorable discharged from the Army. He could face life in prison without parole.

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